IT-Solution for Airlines

'ALASKAR’ Continuing Airworthiness Management' software is a specialized business solution for any airlines regardless of their size and market segments. Our business solution is perfect for companies and enterprises involved in passenger air transportation, cargo transportation or business aviation.

Solutions for airlines
Scan Module
This solution was developed to manage of digital archiving of documents
Dent & Buckle Catalog
This catalog allows accurately and particularly monitors damages and repairs on the aircraft fuselage
Troubleshooting Module
The module for troubleshooting is a simple solution that allows you to manage aircraft’s malfunctions and failures
Continuing Airworthiness Management (Part-M) Module
Continuing Airworthiness Management Module is a comprehensive platform for fulfillment of continued airworthiness level appropriately
Workshop Module
Workshop management module is effective tool for maintenance and repair of aircraft components
Warehouse management
The logistics and warehouse management module is a professional solution, allowing companies to manage warehouse in a more efficient way
Base Maintenance
The Base maintenance module is an efficient and convenient solution covering all stages of heavy aircraft maintenance (C and D checks)
Illustrated Tool Catalog
The illustrated tool catalog is a platform for registration of tools and equipment in a stock
IT-Solution for MRO