Our team consists of highly professional specialists who have unique experience in designing and developing complex IT solutions.

Technical support

Our company provides services for the technical support of software. Software technical support allow Customer to constantly improve and modify the software, in accordance with the changing needs of the Customer, to add new functionality, in order to increase the usability of the software, to maintain functional efficiency, to optimize and fix software bugs. We also provide consulting services to the Customer's personnel.Our company provides a service for installing software and give access to on its own dedicated servers, which allows the customer to minimize hardware and administration costs.

Software Development

Many years of specialization in the aviation industry with its extensive and informative requirements allow transforming our software under any technological processes associated with maintenance, repair and restoration of workable conditions of large, complex equipment (marine vessels, mining equipment, construction equipment, gas equipment, technical equipment for ski resorts, turbines of thermal and nuclear power plants, etc.).